From LA to the A

The Mis-Adventures of La & Key


         La La and Keyosha met on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills in 2005. Keyosha was in ASI and La La had just crossed Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. College life was beautiful and these two women were popular, active, and ambitious. Although La & Key knew of each other, they didn't run in the same circles. To be honest, La La did not care for anyone in Key's circle at all. Sadly, these 2 didn't connect and had an imaginary beef that was only brought on by the people around them at that time.

       Fast Forward to 2014 when La La left everything she knew in Cali to start a better life in the ATL. Keyosha followed suit and moved to the A in 2015. Don't know if it was FATE that brought them together again or if it was a mutual college friend but after spending some time together, they quickly realized that they should've been kickin' it all along. Fast forward to an epic girls trip to New Orleans for La La's birthday in 2019, it was joked that they should start a podcast and thus they began to record random conversations between them.

      After getting drunk one night, they pulled out the recordings and proceeded to laugh their asses off!! Jokes, on jokes, on was the funniest shit EVER!!! That's when they realized that there was something in their friendship dynamic and similar past experiences that needed to be shared with the world...thus Poppin' After Thirty Podcast was created. A Podcast created specifically to remind women that they are still 

      .....POPPIN' AFTER THIRTY!!!